Tumblr/Deviantart connection
Tumblr/Deviantart connection
Hi, so I like this site a lot. I think working under time and topic constraint is very helpful to me as an artist.
However as any internet resident, I have several websites that I got my art on including Tumblr and Deviantart. *

My question is: will there be a way to share material on this website to be visible on tumblr the same way I can upload things on Deviantart to show on my tumblr/twitter/etc?
This might sound a bit lazy, but I enjoy sharing stuff cross-websites!

*(Tumblr is a sketchbook where I just toss things on, Deviantart... I don't know. That site is weird in some ways.)
RE: Tumblr/Deviantart connection
Hi, I am pretty sure you can retweet/ facebook and thumber your work from here.. It's under the picture once you upload it. If you want to share your work, here, use the forum's sketchbook option and you can add links to your devArt etc in your profile description.. Am I wrong, Joris?
RE: Tumblr/Deviantart connection
True, but I think Icarox means that his work is shared automatically without him needing to manually share every upload on this site.
RE: Tumblr/Deviantart connection
Automatically as in, I have the image hosted on one site and then blogged/tweeted through Deviantart.
For example on my blog:

If you click on "enviro24" or "IcaroX" it takes you to Deviantart, and that's because I originally hosted it on Deviantart, and then used the DA plug-in to reblog it.
I can't find the equivalent here on CAS.

It's not very important though! :)
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