i just was scrolling in the sketchbooks, I annoyed me a bit on the fact that I have to respond to the post or reply while I did not really feel like making a new story every time again and it's actually much chiller if I just can like it ... .: D just an idea!
RE: Like!
Yeah I know what you're talking about. I've seen this in other forums as well.
RE: Like!
Yes ! We're planning to add "Like" to forums posts! We've mentioned it in our Global-Feature-List-1.0 at the Forum Improvements section.. it's a long list so I don't blame you for not noticing! :p
RE: Like!
I don't know if you were planning this, but in a forum setting I like it when the names of the ones that liked the post are listed at the bottom. Something like "Stinkyfish and Jorisvanleeuwen like this"
That way I feel these likes are more like an alternative to writing a normal post with only the text "good job" or similar, because like with a regular post everyone can see it without having to click a button for a list to pop up.

And if you want to streamline it, it would be slick if, erm... well... When a lot of people like a post it would be better to not show all names (e.g. "Stinkyfish, Jorisvanleeuwen, assumzaek and 42 others like this"), but I would not show the most recent likes first. In a perfect system the most relevant names would show up.
For example, people that have posted replies in the thread have a higher priority compared to lurkers, because they are more relevant to the discussion. (E.g. when person A and B are debating about something in a thread, B liking A's post would be more interesting to know than person E or F liking A's post.) And someone that posted 20 replies on the thread would have higher priority in the like list than someone that just posted once. But I think the person that started the thread would be even higher than that, because often they are the leading figure in the discussion (especially in sketchbooks and question threads and the like). But even more relevant are the people that are quoted in the liked post in question (or even just mentioned?), because in that case a like is a direct reply of sorts.

I imagine it's a pain to program a system that keeps track of all these variables, but I thought I'd share my ideas anyway in case you like it or parts of it. Besides, as a game dev student it's a good mental exercise to describe vague ideas for feedback systems in a more concrete manner like this. :)
RE: Like!
Raizin, we think that's a great idea! We'll add your description to our to-do list and will pay close attention when implementing!
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