Update 1.7.0: Tweaks and bug fixes
Update 1.7.0: Tweaks and bug fixes
Hi all!

In this update we're pushing out some small tweaks and bug fixes. We have left CAS as is for a few weeks as Isabella is worked very hard for her Bachelor in Game Art (she made it!!) and I've been busy distributing Fishy Waters to other websites.

We’ve hit 1.000 likes on our Facebook page! Be sure to share the link if you haven’t, it really helps us grow!

Upcoming weeks we're planning to fix more bugs and re-prioritize our to-do's. We're looking to create a more exciting CAS with more reasons to return to the site. We also like to monetize in some way that feels good for everyone, but also pays the server costs that is ramping up every month. We have some ideas that we’re going to discuss, but we’re always open for more!

Please let us know what you think of the changes!

Joris & Isabella, The CAS team

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect time-ago values were showing everywhere
  • Sessions are now synced between multiple tabs and web browsers to prevent quitting a session without realizing
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck when a session times out

  • Piece Popup Navigation now also possible via the keyboard arrow keys
  • Piece Popup Navigation icons are now only visible when hovering the piece-image
  • Improved performance of the galleries sorted by likes
  • Visiting a piece by url will now prevent the feed from loading in the background to optimize loading times
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