Update 1.8.0: BotW on CAS
Update 1.8.0: BotW on CAS
Hi all!

In this update we’re bringing the Best of the Week pieces to the site! The winning pieces are displayed below the right menu.

As Aendromeda has been dominating the last Best of the Week by becoming both 1st and 2nd, we’ve changed the rules a bit so you can only win once a week. ;) Further more, pieces that have been submitted just a few minutes before the results of the Best of the Week are processed now get a second chance as they are taken into the contest of the next week.

We’ve also added a new feed-filter called Feedback. This will only display pieces that are requesting feedback. So you won’t have to ask yourself whether it would be too forward to post some constructive criticism!

Please let us know what you think of the changes!

Joris & Isabella, The CAS team

New Features:
  • The Best of the Week pieces of past week are now displayed below the right menu on the site
  • Best of the Week winners will now get a notification noting that they’ve won
  • Hyperlinks are now recognized in piece descriptions and comments
  • Added the Feedback feed-filter which will only show pieces that request for feedback
  • Publishing a piece will now send out a notification to everyone that is following you

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed the issues with the following feed

  • Pieces that are submitted in the later half of the week, will still have a chance for becoming Best of the Week for the week after
  • The Best of the Week selection now prevents users from winning more than once in the same week
  • Increased amount of pieces in the popular feed to 500
  • Optimized the Public Gallery loading durations
  • Slightly optimized the feed page loading duration
RE: Update 1.8.0: BotW on CAS
Great! Keep up the good updates :)!
RE: Update 1.8.0: BotW on CAS
Good ones!
RE: Update 1.8.0: BotW on CAS
thank you!
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