Update 1.1.0: Website Statistics
Update 1.1.0: Website Statistics
Hi all!

This week we focused on getting up to date statistics on the site. We noticed that we are coming back to the site multiple times a day because we have these fancy admin pages that shows who’s doing a session. We figured that you guys would like to check this out occasionally as well! We kind of crunched to get this out in time because the piece-count is almost at 1000 and we wanted you guys to see this happen too!

Another big change is that we removed the friends feed for now. The code is still very unoptimized so it takes a long time to load. In addition to that, it wasn’t really used and we feel like the community is not big enough for it to serve its purpose.

Upcoming weeks we’ll mainly focus on making the notification readable and the forums more functional.

We’re curious to what you guys think of the changes!

New features:

  • Updating statistics showing values like user-count, piece-count and the current sessions

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug in the Admin Panel where the piece-count in search-user results would display the total piece-count
  • CAS-Timer now has a smaller click-area
  • Usernames in the galleries are now selectable
  • Comments like-count now display on one line in Firefox
  • The “Like this piece” bubble when hovering a like button now displays in normal font-weight


  • Removed friends feed
  • When posting to a thread on the forums, you now automatically follow that thread
  • Added the Sketchbook Forum where everyone can start a thread and share their artwork
  • Increased maximum size of uploaded images from 2048x2048 to 4096x4096
  • “Image too big” warning now displays the maximum size
  • Notifications of piece-comments and posts on threads now only those placed after the current user’s first post
  • Small avatars are now loaded as a smaller image instead of scaling down a 100x100 image
  • Make Donate Page features font-size smaller
  • Login Popup now shows when trying to login with an account that has not yet been verificated
RE: Update 1.1.0: Website Statistics
Oooh, I like the "Active Session" bar a lot!
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