1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
Hi all!

We’ve added some minor middle mouse-click features to the site! Middle mouse-clicking (clicking the scrolling wheel) on notifications or pieces will now open them in a new tab, making it easier to navigate around. Also, left clicking the piece in its popup state will now open the piece in fullscreen, allowing us to view it in all its detail and glory. Thank you Mephisto for the helpful feedback on these topics!

Please let us know what you think of the changes!

Joris & Isabella, The CAS team

New Features:
  • Left click a piece in popup state to view in fullscreen
  • Middle click notifications and pieces to view in a new tab

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed a visual bug in the report piece popup
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the download button in the popup piece would initially download the Original instead of the Renderer piece
  • Fixed a bug where opening any Best of the Week piece from the forums would not load the piece

  • Made sure no other characters than letters and digits can go into usernames, even if the account is created via Facebook
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
Thank you! I was wondering why this wasn't a thing ;)

Also, is there a way to change my account name? I'd rather just be Jeffro ;)
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
Aha, so that is what you meant in the second point. It is a different large view way, in CAS.
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
is there a way to change my account name?- JeffroSMcKenzie

There is no way to change it yourself.. but I'll change it manually for you ;)

It is a different large view way, in CAS.- Mephisto

Do you mean different than before, or that its not quite there yet? ^^
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
No no, I meant that I misunderstood again. Like, when you said

In the popup-with-comments:
Middle Click: Open fullscreen-image in new tab

In the fullscreen-image:
Middle Click: Open fullscreen-image in new tab

And I thought, "what's the difference?" but now I understand you meant there are 2 types of fullscreen-image - one in CAS and one out of CAS, viewed just as an image, witohut background stuff behind. It's cool, I like it.
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
Haha it became pretty complicated, I agree! Nice to hear you like the result :D
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
Thanks Joris! :D

this place rocks ;)
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
I agree Jeffro. I want to see CAS rise and become one of the best art sites.
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
Thank you guys, Isabella and I held a little celebration over those words ^^
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
Hey, is there a chance that in the forums, you will add actual pages in threads? Like, most importantly, the sketchbooks forum. It takes me a while to load all of the pictures before I can post a new update.
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
Yes Ernie, pages would give the forums a big boost.. it's on our list, but we can check if we can push it up a little bit ;)
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
That would be awesome. : D Thanks for a quick reply!
RE: 1.11.0 Middle mouse-clicking
Fucking awesome, Jorisvanleeuwen!

CAS is one of the slickest, greatest communities out there for artists so every update like this brings it closer to becoming the best! Keep up the good work ;)
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