Update 1.0.0: Forums
Update 1.0.0: Forums
Hey all!

In the last few months we've received a lot of feedback from you guys. We really appreciate your help and want to learn more from you! That's why we're introducing the CAS Forums!

We've build the Forums entirely ourselves so no extra account is required and notifications go directly via CAS. We didn't do this just because we like to make stuff ^^... it also allows us to add unique features to the forums if you guys ask for it!

We're curious to what you guys think about each other's ideas! Please give us all the feedback you can via the Forums and start following the forums you like to hear more from!

Happy Artin!

New Features:

  • Added Forums

Bug Fixes:

  • The CAS-Timer link in the Start Session now links with a pretty url


  • Page title changed from "CAS (x) - A place.." to "(x) CAS - A place.."
  • Added a config page so admins can change values much easier
  • Admins can now update the minified css and js much easier
  • All authorization is refactored so we can assign Semi-Admins more easily in the future
  • Removed borders from flat buttons and made blue color darker
RE: Update 1.0.0: Forums
Hey CAS just wanted to say Awesome now i can follow the forum to and maybe ask for feedback on my non CAS art .
RE: Update 1.0.0: Forums
omgawd forums yesss
RE: Update 1.0.0: Forums
Nice addition! :D
RE: Update 1.0.0: Forums
Awesome addition. Great work!
RE: Update 1.0.0: Forums
Will there be thread for sketchbooks?
RE: Update 1.0.0: Forums
Thanks for the reactions guys! ^^ Good to know you like it. A sketchbook thread sounds like a good idea! We'll add it asap! :)
RE: Update 1.0.0: Forums
We've added a Sketchbook Forum ! ^^
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