Update 1.3.0: Optimizations!
Update 1.3.0: Optimizations!
Hi all!

We were actually planning on bringing out the Rendered Piece feature this update, but on cause of the instable server (caused by the rapid increase of viewers and users) we decided to crunch through tonight and push out some optimizations!

The Popular feed has the most dramatic performance boost, now having a server load time decreased from an average of 9 seconds to only 5.8 milliseconds. The feed and galleries now also load their first few pieces on server, making sure you don’t always see a loading bar.

Please let us know what you think of the changes and if you encounter any issues!

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where visiting the site via www. caused errors on async loading
  • Tags are now capitalized server-side so there is no way to submit a tag with an uncapitalized first character
  • Fixed a bug in forum post preview where new lines would show as \n
  • Fixed a bug in thread-replies that were just posted where the url, bold, etc buttons didn’t respond when editing


  • Improved piece caching by a lot
  • Improved popular-feed loading times by a lot
  • The feed and galleries now load the first few elements server-side so we don’t have to wait for them to load
  • Personal feed now only shows pieces of yourself
  • Pressing the download button on a piece now directly downloads the image
  • Removed the Follow count display on forums
  • Error pages now have a nicer look
  • BBCodes in forums now also support full-caps
RE: Update 1.3.0: Optimizations!
The popular feed is taking 16 seconds to load every 4 minutes. Will try to make the loading time more consistent later today!
RE: Update 1.3.0: Optimizations!
Nice! keep up the great work!
RE: Update 1.3.0: Optimizations!
Today we've improved the popular feed to a loading time of 3 milliseconds consistently! Happy about the results :D
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