Contest Theme?
Contest Theme?
Ok, guys, so I talked with Jorisvanleeuwen about hosting contests, as some of you may have noticed, but before one is hosted lets vote for the theme. So I was thinking, we could either do it this way: lots (like a hundred) tags are posted and everyone has to pick 3, ones with most votes are picked (drawbacks of this are, if everyone votes for totally different tags.. yea. You get it) or we forget about tags and everyone just gives a suggestion of a theme and then there's something like a vote poll (if the site has such stuff, otherwise we'll just vote with messages). You can suggest other methods, but I'd like it to be something involving the participants, everyone, not just a theme hosted by 1 person.
RE: Contest Theme?
Uhm.. So is no one interested in a friendly competition?
RE: Contest Theme?
Well, I am xD
RE: Contest Theme?
I'm up for it.
RE: Contest Theme?
So, vote! How should we go about this? With voteable tags, whole themes?.. etc.
RE: Contest Theme?
I like the idea of a vote poll instead of tags. I don't think they have a vote poll on the website, I am not sure. Vote me in for a friendly contest! XD
RE: Contest Theme?
Ok then, I'll start giving my theme suggestions, you can throw in some more and uuh, we'll compile them in one thread and vote eventually. Lets give it like, 2-3 days theme ideas, I guess this contest got slowed down as it's already Sunday so we'll postpone it for Friday?

So I'm thinking..
-Ghost King
-Undead King
-Sci-Fi Beast
-Demonic Beast
-Elite Sci-Fi Unit (part of an army)
-Arena (Environment theme)
-Thunderstorm/Sandstorm/Special Effects (environment, I'm thinking like those epic sand stuff in Mad Max, I'd love to draw something of that scale)
-Orc Gladiator
-Star Wars VII Concept Art? Could be fun

Well, I'll try to conjure some more themes later, that's what I got for now.
RE: Contest Theme?
Voting for VFX Thunderstorm.
I dig the idea of friendly contests btw! Sounds like a good opportunity to leave one's comfort zone while still having fun :)
RE: Contest Theme?
You can also propose new ideas if you wish, those are just some I came up with quickly.
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